Saturday, March 12, 2011

I finished Perfect!

I never told you guys.... I finished Perfect! I'm not gonna sit here and do a complete plot and review, because I think I'bve talked so much about Pretty Little Liars on this blog, it's not even funny. Ok it is. I guess I'll just do thereview of this book and leave the plot part out. Beware: thre will be some spilers, so those of you who don't want to read and spoil this for yourselves, please don't read the following. So I finished Perfect 2 or 3 days ago, the book was, like any book written by Sara Shepard, amazing. It got even more suspenseful! The A notes keep threatening the liars more and more. Personally, I was kindof upset with the events thathappened in the book. Emily's getting sent  to Iowa? Ezra's been arrested? Hanna's been hit by a car? Spencer cheated and won a Golden Orchid for her plaigerized work? Bad things are happening to all 4 liars. Let's start with what I think of Emily and Iowa. Emily's parents are overreacting here. Big time. I'm really hoping Emily will stay in Rosewood!!! Ezra? Arrested? In the same sentence? Stupid Sean. Stupid A. A sent Aria's boyfriend, Sean, a picture of Aria and Ezra kissing on school property - Ezra's office, actually. Sean shows the pic to the police, who come to Ezra's apartment and arrest Ezra! NOOOOO! And oh, yeah, I never mentioned the whole Toby suicide thing....Toby is gone. And he wasn't even A. See, this is what A does to you. I liked Toby, actually. Not in the books as much as in the TV series, but still, Toby was definitely an interesting character. So, Hanna. Hanna figures out who A is, then is hit by a car! Talk about unfair. I'm thinking in the next book the other liars will learn that Mona is A as well. For sures. Last but not least, Spencer. She plagiarized Melissa's essay, and her teacher "Sqidward" nominated her for a Golden Orchid! She makes the finals, but guess what? A sends Spencer's winnign essay  to melissa, who recognizes it as her own work. Goodbye, the bond between Melissa and Spencer. And they were just starting to get over the whole Wren thing. Stupid A. Personally, this was my least favorite book in the series so far, but it still deserves a solid 9m out of 10 stars. Or, 4.5 out of 5. Still absolutely amazing book, like I said, and I really want to read Unbelievable....

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