Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mushrooms are intimidating creatures.

Mushrooms are intimidating creatures. Okay, technically they're a fungus, not a creature but whatever. Actually, I'm not even sure that "intimidating" is the right word... disgusting? Ferocious? Scary? Hairy? Point is, I'm terrified of mushrooms. When I was little my sister picked a mushroom from the ground, and chased me around the house with it. And the perimeter of our house is roughly 1/4 of a mile. Well, I fell, and guess what? I landed on a MUSHROOM! Ahhhh! So then i started crying lol. And, I'm scared of mushrooms still, even today. Disgusting little beasts they are. Yuck. They're such ugly little creatures, and are portrayed with cute little faces sometimes or pretty polka dots. But, ew. I'm scared of fungi. I don't know. Just am. Mushrooms, as well as all other funguses, are all intimidating little things. From the ground, or from the grocery store, I don't care. Scary things, I tell you. Not something fun, mushrooms. Mold, mushrooms, wghatever fungus it is, it terrifies me. Ugh. Mushrooms are just the type of evil thing that in a horror, movie, will creep up on you. Apparently, when I was a baby, I loved mushrooms. Well i don't know if thatr's the truth, because I'm terrified of the stupid things! Gah! MUSHROOMS ARE STUPIDITY. Here's a little math equation for you guys... "Me + Big, Sharp, Knife = Mushrooms in big trouble" haha my fav. And oh so true. Mushrooms, ok, I know they're helpful to some plants, but to humans, pretty useless. Stupidity. That should be the definition in the dictionary. Stupidity. Because clearly, that's what mushrooms are. Duh!!!!

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