Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Homework, YouTube, and Easter Egg Hunts!

Right now, I'm sitting here blogging and tweeting, although technically, I'm supposed to be doing my homework lol. My little sisters have some of their friends over. So I'm supposed to be doing my homework - that is, typing up my poem, copying my definitions for some engineering thing in this really boring class, completing some questions in my science book... all kindof boring assignments that I don't really wanna do. My original plan was to make a video for you guys, a lip tutorial because I got the chance to now, but for some reason I cannot find my camera, so that lip tutorial will be coming on Friday most likely. It was actually a tutorial for frosted pink lips, what I've been wearing a lot lately. Anyway, my camera has disappeared from its usual spot, but I'll hopefully find it soon. Meanwhile, my sisters are out doing this Easter Egg hunt. Me and peaceypenguin got to hide the eggs lol! Yeayyy! Haha and I think they may be riding bikes and scooters tooooo... I know this was a short post, but unfortunately I gtg do homework...ttyl! Byebyeee :)

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