Sunday, March 27, 2011

My origami obsession...

Origami is kind of an obsession for me. I used to enjoy doing it when I was like, 8 and 10 and stuff like that, but one of my guy friends reintroduced it to me this year and I've been kindof obsessed ever since. My personal favorite is the origami rose (and not the one from a tissue) but the good kind. And I love my friend's little inflatable bunnies - those are quite cute. But anyway, I'm kindof obsessed with making my origami roses, I probably will end up selling them at my town's local craft fair this year. The best thing about these roses is that they look incredibly realistic, especially when you do them in color, which I do do. (Do do hahaha) But they're eally fun to make, the only thing is that if you screw up and make one wrong fold or one thing isn't lined up exact, then the whole thing is ruined. Before using the colored paper, I used just plain white computer paper to avoid wasting trees, and I definitely must say it takes a lot of time and practice. I'm definitely getting better with each rose I make, I will say. These cannot be rushed either, I've noticed big improvements between roses I made in a hurry and ones I took time with. These roses take me anywahere from 10-20 minutes to complete, and I am getting faster at it. This origami thing is definitely a fun hobby that I enjoy. These roses are also great for "competing" with. The friend that reintroduced me to origami makes roses as well, but he makes the easy ones that tajke about 5 seconds out of tissues, and when we have like, a mutual friend judge them, mine always winds. If you do this correctly, they come out amazing, and are perfect for a gift, especially for Valentine's Day. Sadly, I did not get the hang of making these until after Valentine's Day. It took me quite a few tries before to finally get it right. The thing about origami is, once you know how to make something, it's hard to forget how to do it if you make them consistently. I try to make 10 or more roses a week, and most times I reach my goal of 10. The thing I have trouble with is that the bottom of the rose won't stay togther after you open up the petals, so I find myself taping the botom closed and also taping the rose to it's stem. If you guys wanna  try this out, go to and watch his origami rose videos - there are 2 parts. Good luck! Tweet me a picture if you decide to try it out! xoxo, Ali

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