Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to: Smooth Sexy Summer Legs

Hey everyone! Someone actually requested I do this video on my YouTube, I may be doing that soon. But I really wanted to do it in blog form as well, because for some reason, I find it easier to talk to you this way and I can go back and explain things better and I just think it's easier. But anyway, smooth sexy legs are a MUST for summer! They're the perfect accessory for a mini dress or miniskirt, and are great for the beach. Supersoft, hairless legs are a want on my list, for sure. And hopefully with these tips and instructions, you'll be able to get them too :)

First Tip! Protect your legs! This means wearing sunscreen in the summer! Do NOT sunburn your legs!

Okay, now this is what I reccommend doing:
1. In the shower, you want to exfoliate, I do this with one of those loofah/pouf/sponge thingies. Mine's purple :) I just do this all over using one of my favorites - Bath & Body Works Coconut Pineapple Shower Gel. This helps to remove any dead skin cells, revealing radiant healthy skin.
2. At the end of my shower is when you should shave. I use the Gillette Venus Embrace. It has five blades, meaning virtually no missed hairs. Shave gel is excellent too, I like Satin Care and also Skintimate.These help you get a closer shave. It's important not to apply pressure, and to change your blade (if it's reusable) or throw your disposable razor out every two months. It's reccommended to change it after 6-8 uses, but I change mine after about two months. Dull blades will cause cuts!
3. As soon after I get out of the shower, pat legs dry with a towel, do not rub, this will create dead skin and will irratate open pores. Pat dry with a towel.
4. After my legs are dry, I apply a moisturizer immediately. I reccomend Olay Body Lotion, it's excellent and provides your skin with a kiss of moisture.

How often you do this is up to you, but for the smoothest of smooth, I reccommend every day to every oter day! Good luck :)

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