Saturday, July 16, 2011

What I Love About YOU! (A YouTube tag, blog style)

There's a tag on YouTube called "What I Love About YOU!" There are seventeen questions in this tag, and it's basically some of your favorite people on YouTube! This seems like a fun tag, and missglamorazzi tagged everyone, so I decided to do it blog style! I tag whoever wants to do this! Go subscribe to everyone I mention :)

1. Who would you trade hair with on YouTube?
Easy. aka Ingrid - her hair is so long and healthy and smooth and shiny and it's such a pretty color!
2. Who is someone whose videos are a "first watch?" aka Savannah - she's an amazing singer :)
3. Who has amazing style to you?
Easy... aka Bethany! She always wears the prettiest clothes and has amazing makeup and hair! Plus, she has a pretty awesome bedroom!
4. A favorite guru who lives in a different country than you!
This would be aka Fleur. I love her videos!
5. Who is someone you feel like you can rely on?
Hmmm... aka Sam and Lexie... Sam's one of my bffs in real life:)
6. Who do you think has great confidence? aka Megan & Liz! They sing so confidently!
7. If you could be best friends with someone on YouTube, who would it be?
I have to say, aka Elle - Yes she's older than me, but if we were the same age we could so be bffs :)
8. Who has the cutest username? aka Liz has a super cute username, and does super cute nail tutorials too!
9. Who is the most down to earth? aka Erin is really nice and down to earth!
10. Who would you love to go shopping with?
I'd love to go shopping with everyone! But if I had to pick one, aka Jenny has really cute clothes.
11. Who is someone you have watched "from the beginning?"
I feel like the answer would have to be aka Vanessa I've watched her videos for a while, even before I made my YouTube!
12. Who do you relate to/is most similar to you?
Well, they closed their account, but aka Annie is one of my best friendssss!
13. Who has the prettiest smile?
Hmmm....probably aka Kandee - her teeth are so white!
14. Who has the prettiest room?
this one's tough...probably aka Allie - her room is amazing!
15. Who would you want as a big sister? aka Lora, she's so nice!
16. Who do you always learn something from? aka Michelle always knows the best tips and tricks!
17. Who makes the most creative videos?
Easy! Caitlin or - she has amazing video ideas!

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