Friday, July 22, 2011

Victoria's Secret PINK Mini Dog

You have to drop what you're doing and get to Victoria's Secret PINK right now, and buy something. Or at least order something online. By this coming Monday! You can get a FREE mini dog! I've always wanted a Victoria's Secret Mini Dog and I finally got one with the purchase of my tote bag the other day and it's so freakin' cute. These have super cute prints, 4 different styles - zebra, pink leopard, purple leopard, and natural leopard! All with polka dots! These dogs are like the life of meee...jk lol. But seriously, they're uber cute, and would technically be $10. But guess what? They're free with any PINK purchase. Go on the website or to a store and see for yourself. I should like collect them all lol. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MINE! I have the Zebra one and will probably go back tomorrow to pick up a few pairs of panties (lmao) and I think I'll get a natural leopard dog, it's sooo cute. I love these dogs, aad Victoria's Secret Pink, if you couldn't tell. I feature Victoria's Secret PINK in most of my fashion posts on this blog lol. Sooo cute.

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