Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cutout Tops - Perfect for summer!

It's July sixteenth, and it feels like this summer is flying by! So so so fast! But there's still another month left, and I think I found the perfect trend to wear this August! Although still very very hot outside, it is gradually getting cooler, and these will be perfect for cooler August days, or even will work as a cover up at the beach! They would be... CUTOUT TOPS! There are several different styles, but in this post, I will show you two of them and explain why I like them and why I think they'd be perfect! The ones I chose are a bit on the expensive side, but may be worth it! I'm sure you could easily find one much more affordable if you checked out Target, maybe? Anyway, here we go...

1. Victoria's Secret
When I do fashion videos like these, I find myself showing you products from Victoria's Secret and Victoria's Secret PINk quite a bit! They're clothes look so cute and so comfy! Like this cutout top, which comes in six different colors! These colors would work well for back-to-school too. This top is a bit pricey, on sale for $34.50, but it is definitely very cute and perfect if you wanna show some shoulder without being too obvious. This, in white, would be super cute as a cover up for the beach also! Definitely a cute option for a cut-out top, if you're looking for a simple and basic, solidcolored one.

2. Charlotte Russe
this cute top is definitely unique. From the front, this looks like any normal tee, but when you turn around, ta-da! Cute cut-outs! This one has a really girly design in super girly colors, and is $18.99. it's definitely bold and bright, with gold sequins on the front. This one is definitely very very summer-y, but would be good to wear in Sepetember as well. And, perfect for next spring! This one comes in only one color, but is still very pretty! Check out the small picture in the corner for a view of the back :)

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