Thursday, July 21, 2011

My birthday plans!

I really don't know why I'm writing about this, lol, I don't know why any of you would want to know what I'm planning on doing for my birthday, but, whatever. So, today I went shopping with my mother and sister for my birthday, my sister actually bought more than me, lol. But I'm planning on filming a haul video as soon as my camera is done exporting all the videos on it to the computer, because otherwise I have no space to film. So it's doing that as I type, then I will be filming a shopping haul, maybe I'll do a birthday haul later. But anyway, I only got like 3 things, plus 6 pair of panties which I might not show in the video lol. Idk, maybe hahaha, and then a free gift with purchase thing that I totally completely love! So then I'm planning on going to this jewelry store either tomorrow or Saturday, I think it's just local so I won't put the name here but basically it's just like Forever21 jewelry except there's a ton more selections, and it's sorted by color, which sounds so cool. And then on Saturday, I'm gonna have my Ben & Jerry's ice cream, which I wrote about in the previous post, then I'll prob celebrate a bit w my grandparents next week when I see them, then I decided that before school starts I wanna get a manicure with my mother at my favorite nail salon ever! So, that's pretty much my birthday plans lol... I hope to film and get a video out todayy! And I'll have to do a review on a store I went to, it's like my new fave haha and I've blogged about it before but never actually bought anything from it? Well now I have and I love it. Okay, that's all for this, ttfn!

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