Sunday, July 31, 2011

dELiA's - Pretty Little Liars Tees!

If you're enough of a fan of Pretty Little Liars like I am, then you are already aware of the new line of Pretty Little Liars tees that were recently launched! Right now, five different shirts are available, hopefully there will be more to come. The shirts are all $24.50, buy one get one half off. Personally, I want all of them! But they are a bit pricey for a tee shirt, so I may only end up getting one or two. Pretty Little Liars is an obsession for me, so owning one of these is a personal must-have. Four of these shirts are crop tops, which, as you probably know, are very popular right now! For anyone who doesn't like a crop top, there is one shirt that is just a regular tee. I'm very excited about the launch of these t-shirts and definitely I will be trying to get to my local Delia's ASAP to pick one of these up. Here's the search results when I searched "Pretty Little Liars" - these are I think all of them so far (:

And of course, here's the shirts!

This Rosewood shirt is also available in grey!

This is the one I want to get most :)

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