Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shopping Today! Mini-Haul!

Today I went shopping! Shopping, as you probably know or assume, is one of my favorite things to do ever. As is school my pride and joy. SO if we went on a field trip in school to the mall and could shop forever, that would be the best day of my life. But anyway, shopping. So I went to a ton of different stores and only bought three things. Well, I didn't even pay for my shoes, my mom did. And the other things I had a giftcard for. My friend gave me a Bath & Body Works giftcard for my birthday (thanks!) along with a poufy sponge thingie that I don't know the name of and a Coconut Pineapple shower gel. I love everything. Expect to see all this in a Collective Haul I'm planning on doing at the end of the summer. But anyway, shopping. I went to, obviously, Bath & Body Works, as well as Payless. I also went to VS Pink but the shirt I had wanted to get wasn't there, and I really wanted to go to Delia's but my mom said "no way" when I told her I wanted to buy a Pretty Little Liars tee shirt for $24.50. So I only bought things from B&BW and Payless. Oh, and I almost got a sweatshirt on sale for $18 at Aeropostale but I didn't because I'm saving for one from Pink. But anyway, here's what I got from Bath & Body Works, with my giftcard.
1. Bath & Body Works Liplicious - Strawberry Lemonade - I heard this stuff was excellent, all of the reviews were good, supposedly makes your lips shimmery with a subtle tint of color, smells amazing (supposedly) and tastes good as well. So I've been looking for a lipgloss sort of like the one I described so when I heard about this I totally had to get it. So I did. This one I can't wait to try and I'll probably post a review when I do try it out.

2. Bath & Body Works PocketBac Grapefruit Guava Blast - I live off of these things, they're my go to hand sanitizer before lunch at school, this one smells amazing, definitely one of my faves. Smells so tropical and good, I smelled it once and didn't even think. I just went up to the counter and got it.

Okay, next store I went to was Payless, where I got a cute pair of black flats for school, on sale for only $11.99. These shoes are very cute and practical for school, I love them, and they fit very comfortably. They're on sale for only this week I think.

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