Monday, August 22, 2011

The Lying Game - My thoughts on the new show!

Today is Monday night, which means a new episode of the new ABC family show The Lying Game, based on the books by Sara Shepard, who also wrote Pretty Little Liars! (Go check out my review of the Lying Game book here: but last Monday night, I watched the premeire of this new show, it was on ABC Family at 9EST. This show, if you missed it, is also available here: - yay for ABC Family posting the latest episodes! Lol. But anyway, I did read the book, and I actually thought Pretty Little Liars was a bit better than the Lying Game book series. And no, I haven't read the second LG book, Never Have I Ever, but I want to soon! But, I definitely think that the Tv show was better than the book by far. I like to see things, just like I like the PLL Tv show a tad better than the books (still love the books though!:) but The Lying Game TV show, at first, I thought, oh, well, just another typical ABC Family show, nothing special about it. Then as I kept watching, the show got better and better and I really started to like it! It's interesting, I think it has a good mystery to it and some good suspense. I cannot wait for tonight's episode. As with Pretty Little Liars, the TV show is different than the book, I'm not gonna give it away if you didn't see it, so go watch and read for yourself :) I really would like to see what happens next in this, you can actually go to and there will be a recap of this Pilot. I think this show is getting off to a great start, I hope to see more great episodes in the future, I really like it, but it does get confusing because it's been a while since I read the book, I'm confused about who's who and the boyfriends and Sutton's friends and Nisha and her boyfriend... but the show is still very interesting and I love it. I wish this show was on only a little earlier, but other than that, it's a great show, like I've probably stated in this post quite a few times before, hahaha. I really do like this show though, it's pretty good, and hopefully within a few episodes the Pilot will be free on iTunes! If anyone else watches this show, please post a comment and tell me what you thought of it. Thanks for reading, and watch the Lying Game again tonight at 9! Also, if you missed last week's episode, it may be on tonight at 8...anyway, thank you for reading thisss, I know it was probably repetitive hahaha. xoxo

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