Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spoby Rant.

Hi everyone. Today I'm just going to be basically, going on a rant about Spoby, which is by far my favorite Pretty Little Liars couple. Last night in the summer finale, A forced Spencer to break up with Toby. I hate A so so so much. I love Spoby. Like seriously if they don't get back together...oh well then there's gonna be a problem. Spoby was so perfect for each other and I really don't know what I'm going to do if they break up! I absolutely love both of them together, they're really cute, and I know his rant is going to be repetitive. If you don't wanna rear a rant then fine, feel free to x out. But Spoby has to get back together. What if they don't?! I'll just die. It's obvious that Spencer and Toby love each other. Toby is willing to do almost anything for Spencer, and you can just tell he loves her from both his reaction to when Spencer bought him the truck, and also his reaction to the breakup. Toby wD so hurt by it. I was like crying. I love these two together. If I haven't already said that enough. Sigh. But Spencer does love Toby too. After breaking up with him, she was crying, she went out and bought him that truck...I really really hope the two of them get back together. Wren and Spencer are good together, and Wren is super cute and has a sexy British accent. But nothing can bear Spoby, including Wrencer. They were too perfect for each other and I don't think that it was fair for A to break them up. A is a venomous super-b*tch. But Toby and Spencer have amazing chemistry and although other PLL couples may come pretty close, nothing can beat my love of Spoby. They're so perfect and sweet and totally right. It's obvious that Toby really wants Spencer back, and I definitely think Spencer still loves Toby. Like seriously A, f*ck off.


  1. I cried and threw things at my tv when they broke up! it was so sad! Then i went on facebook and complained about it, lol