Saturday, August 13, 2011

Seventeen Magazine and a Mini Haul

Yesterday, I finally convinced my mother to bring me to the mall, because I had a few coupons, one for Bath and Body Works for a free lotion, which I got in Seventeen magazine, and one for Victoria's Secret Pink, one of my absolute favorites, for a free 2.5 oz mini mist with any Pink purchase. So we get to the mall, right, and Bath & Body Works at my mall is on the second floor, where we parked. So I'm just like, oh, let's go here, then go to lunch, then after that go to Pink. So, we go into B&BW, well, just me actually because my mother was standing outside talking to some of her friends we ran into, so I get one of the Paris Amour Body Lotions, what the coupon was for, I have my magazine in my oversized tote bag of  a purse and bring it up, and the girl working there is like "The company already sold out of this, they were only giving away 10,000." and I'm like wtf. It's been just two days, this promotion was gonna go on through the beginning of September. Which shos how many people read Seventeen magazine, which is by far, as I've probably mentioned before, is my favorite magazine of all time, with articles about beauty, love, fashion, health, and so so much more. I was still quite surprised how quickly the company had given away all the lotions! Hahaha anyway, so we had lunch, my sisters actually all got Thai food, which is one of my personal favorite's, but I opted for Subway, which I absolutely love as well, and I just got my sub - chicken and bacon ranch, no ranch, on Italian bread, toasted, with black olives. Haha I'm so plain when it comes to sandwiches. And a diet coke, another obsession of mine: lmao. So then we went to Payless where my sister got the cutest pair of glittery shoes. I want them! Unfortunately, those particular shoes do not come in my size! Grrr. Then, went to VS Pink, where I bought a pair of ruched-back bikinis, lmao, and my free mist, which I picked in Pretty and Pure, which is supposed to be pink lemonade with a hint of jasmine, I think it is? Hahaha idkkk! Lmao.

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