Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pretty Little Liars 2x8 Save the Date

Okay, normally, I don't do PLL weekly posts. Well I used to, on like season finales and premieres, but aside from that, I never really do weekly PLL posts unless I really think it's worthy of it. This past episode was definitely blog-worthy! Basically, I'm going to let another blog post from the official PLL website ( take over, but I do have a few points I want to make myself. Anyway, here is the episode recap from the official website, copied and pasted exactly! The link is if you'd like to check it out for yourself. Also, in the same post is a recap from last night's episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King, if any of you watch that or would be interested. But anyway, here it is: If there’s one thing that we know for sure, it’s that A‘s is a complete psycho and last night’s scary Pretty Little Liars episode proved how mental A actually is. Ready to recap the OMG moments from “Save the Date”? (We bet this was one occasion the Liars wish they weren’t invited to.)Top OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 2.08:
  1. Hanna discovers that the mysterious vehicle that she’s been spotting around town is actually someone who has in for Caleb. She assumes it’s a detective. However, Hanna’s lost Caleb once and she’s not ready to lose him again so she does what any amazing girlfriend would do—she slips on a scarf and a pair of oversized shades, and drives Caleb to a secure location to let him in on the stalker scoop. Caleb reveals that he’s not going to run away and that if the cops want to talk with him, he’s present and ready. They then kiss and all is well. (All’s well and cute in Haleb land but major question—did anyone else think that Caleb and Hanna were going to unearth some disturbing evidence at the Hastings lake house and were shocked when they didn’t?!)
  2. Emily has been suffering from side-splitting pain since ep 2.07. However, it is isn’t until she collapses in extreme agony in her school’s hallway that anyone bothers taking any action. (Ironically, it’s Officer Garrett who puts in the 9-1-1 call.) Emily is rushed to the hospital, where the docs inform her that she has an ulcer. (And, no Hannakins, it’s not just an old person’s disease.) Em thinks the ulcer was caused by all the mayhem and drama. WRONG! Surprise surprise, A’s behind this little emergency room run–the bitch injected HGM (human growth hormone) into Em’s creams and pumped Rosewood’s finest swimmer on steroids. (A step too far, A, a freakin’ step too far!)
  3. Aria is acting super weird around Ezra, and actually lies to him. Ezra’s going out of his way to hang out with her (which is unusual considering he’s all about maintaining a covert relationship) but Aria’s giving him the cold shoulder. And, when Jason DiLaurentis rings her up, she all too quickly excuses herself and claims it’s her dad, Byron. Is Aria falling for bad boy Jason? Hot damn!
The Big Ta-da: So far, we’ve assumed that Alison DiLaurentis died from severe head trauma. However,we not have a full autopsy report all thanks to Spencer and Aria, (disguised as candy strippers) creeping into the hospital’s cold morgue and discovering that not only did some murderous fiend hit Alison so hard that her skull caved in, but also that traces of dirt were found in her lungs. What does this all mean? That Ali was buried alive! (And if that’s not some seriously twisted, sick sh*t, we don’t know what is!)

Okay, so there it is! I wanted to bring one thing up, mainly. Well, three, actually. No wait, five.. Okay four. here they are!
1. Emily's in the hospital. Where was Samara in this episode? I figured she might visit! Also anyone who knows me personally knows this ulcer thing was a serious coincidence.
2. Similar to "Where was Samara?" well, where is Toby? Toby wasn't in this episode!
3. Wtf were Garrett and Jenna gonna DO in the beginning?!
4. Ezria. Okay, @imarleneking on Twitter tweeted spoilers for Ezria fans for the next episode. Next week's episode is supposed to be pretty amazing for all Ezria lovers. One thing: in the promo for next episode, at the end, Aria and Jason kissed. What's Ezra gonna think?!
5. Best for last. Haleb. New fave couple, sorry Spoby. Haleb is so amazing. I love Hanna for being so sweet to Caleb and being such an amazing girlfriend telling him about the police dude. And then the ending was my fave when they were sitting there in front of the cupcake place (Lucky Leon's Cupcakes, was it?) that was so sweet. I seriously hope these two stay together forever.

Okay...I have one more thing to add. wtf happened the night Alison DiLaurentis died? I think maybe it was, Spencer's dad? If you read the books (spoiler alert) Spencer's dad is also Alison's dad. He hated Jessica DiLaurentis, he burned the field hockey stick, I think he has something to do with the murder. He must've hit her hard enough for her skull to cave in. Then he buried her alive. I'm not sure about Garrett though. Although, as the article said, I'm sorta surprised Garrett got the ambulance. Well not really, it's a police, it's his job. But the whole thing...sigh. This is the bvest show ever.

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Oh, and yeay for Ashley Benson, who plays Hanna, my favorite character. She's the September cover girl for Seventeen, my favorite magazine! You don't know how much I've wanted this.

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