Friday, August 5, 2011

Perfumes, Body Mists, and Other Scents!

Smelling good. It's something I think most girls want to be able to do! They want to smell girly and flirty and attractive. This post is gonna share some of my favorite perfumes and body mists and deodorants and other fun things that smell good, such as lipgloss and lotion and things like that. See, unfortunately, I'm not allowed to wear perfume or body mist or anything in the house becaus it gives my father a headache but I'm a fragrance lover. I love fruity, girly, feminine scents. And when you'te not allowed to spray stuff in the air, what do I turn to? Lotion, to be used at school. Personally, I love using lotion and hand creams especially which take little time to apply and moisturize your hands, and for me, most importantly, have a nice scent. I just use body lotion as hand cream sometimes, it's all the same to me, and the one I like to use is Olay Silk Whimsy Body Lotion ( Although this one isn't as fruity as I normally like, it still smells amazing, with "the softness of Venetian rose petals" - mmm, smells so yummy and I love this stuff. I also use this on my legs after shaving, the scent does linger on your skin for a surprisingly long time. I'm really really really wanting to try out Victoria's Secret Pink Pretty & Pure Hand and Body Cream ( though, which is a must-have on my Christmas list. I've smelled this one in the store before, and it is described as "Nourishing cream made to give hands and body an extra boost of moisture (minus the greasy feel) with our supersoftening cotton complex and a healthy combo of vitamins E and C. Smells so pretty with pure jasmine & pink lemonade. For PINK results, slather on after you're done cleaning up. 6.7 oz." this one sounds like it would smell fantastic, and it absolutely does, it has to be my favorite scent ever. I'm really dying to get this, it's $12, 2 for $22, or 3 for $30. Smells fantastic. I really want this. Of course, this one also comes in Eau de Toilette, Body Mist, and Supersoft Body Lotion. I've seen a travel sized version in the store for only $8 though of the body mist. It. Smells. So. Yummy. Okay, so today when I was in Abercrombie the tester was there of their perfume Emerson (, and I had to try it out. I sprayed it on my wrists and for a few ninutes it was rather strong, but after that it slowly faded into one of the best scents ever. Described as "emerson is effortless and completely feminine. juicy ripe pear is balanced with crisp cucumber to be bright, clean, and sweet. fresh green notes give it a playful, invigorating energy." that's exactly what it is and it smells fantastic! This perfume is definitely amazing smelling and I sprayed it on around eleven earlier this mornming. It's six o'clock now and I can still smell it! I also went to Aeropostale, where I tried out the Promise Me perfume ( and this one is described as "Our Promise Me Fragrance combines apple juice, white tea and gardenia as well as hints of vanilla for an enveloping experience." It is definitely very sweet but I could smell the apple juice which I love! I love perfumes that are infused with apples and oranges and pears and citrueses! They all smell so yummy! This one I can no longer smell, it did not last as long, but it definitely smelled good, I tested this one on my neck, it was a good combo, with emerson. A body mist I love and have is Bath & Body Works Dancing Waters ( This scent is described as "The fresh scent of clear, sparkling waters is enhancd with notes of water lily, Asian pear drops, crushed basil leaves and white musk." Although when you click on the fragrance mist...
  • Fragrance Top Notes: Cassis, Watermelon, Blood Orange, Iced Italian Lemon, Frozen Spearmint, Freshly Crushed Basil Leaves

  • Fragrance Mid Notes: Water Lily, Peony, Bamboo Leaf, Asian Pear Drops, Lavender Flower Provence, Fresh Green Water Accord

  • Fragrance Base Notes: White Musk, Teak Wood
    It definitely smells good. I actually like to spray this on my pillow! This one is great! Another fragrance mist I have is Twilight Woods, also from B&BW ( and the scent is described as "Apricot nectar, mimosa petals, and Tuscan cypress combine to create this hypnotic fragrance inspired by a romantic walk in enchanted woods" - this one smells so good, I love to spray this on my wrists! Smells soo yummy! For a full list off B&BW fragrances... oh and for a great scented lipgloss with a hint of shimmer, try Strawberry Lemonade Liplicious, again by B&BW. I just got this one, it smells so good and has a pretty shimmer tint. Okay, now, shower gel, of course is also B&BW. If I don't apply a lotion or other scent over it, I find this scent lingering on my skin all day long, and that would be Coconut Pineapple Shower Gel. Smells yummy, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin! Now, deodorants. The one I use is Secret Coco Butter Kiss, which smells so good! ( I use the Invisible Solid which I personally think does its job well and smells quite yummy. The face scrub I use that smells amazing (again with a lingering scent that I love) is Clean & Clear Morning Burst ( YUM this stuff cleanses amazingly well also! I love this stuff. And OMFG I almost forgot hand sanitizer! what I am in love with would be Bath and Body Works PocketBac (, travel sized and in several of the B&BW scents! Loveee! These are my lifeline, I always keep one on my lunchbox and in my purse. These are perf for meee. Also fun to collect, I have twenty-something!

  • Okay, so, I guess that was it for my post on smelling good. Haha good luck with the scents and comment on some of your favorite products!

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