Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Share the LOOOOOVEEE - Blog Style!

Hi everyone:) Today I'm going to be doing my first STL blog style! I'm sure these people have tons more followers than me, so I guess this is more a list of other blogs I love and think you should go read. Not all of these are on Blogger/Blogspot, there are some blogs I picked from Tumblr, my new favorite, for you to go check out as well. Oh, and, in case you didn't read my last post, I made a Tumblr! (http://hersheykiss723.tumblr.com) yayy! I love that website, I reblog more than I make my own posts on that hahaha. So anyway, here's a list of nine blogs I suggest you read and go check out.
1. http://www.dulcecandy.com - I want her wardrobe! This blog features OOTDs mainly, plus other fun posts I love reading.
2. http://www.fleurdeforce.blogspot.com - Fleur blogs about some of the latest beauty products and other beauty things!
3. http://meghanrosette.tumblr.com - I love this blog. The pictures and quotes here pretty much tell my life story.
4. http://www.meghanrosette.blogspot.com - Meghan, again. I love her official links!
5. http://lettingthisallgo.tumblr.com - Meghan's poetry -I love it.
6. http://hersheykiss723.tumblr.com - My Tumblr. Check it out.
7. http://www.peaceypenguin.blogspot.com - She doesn't blog often. But shes my sister, so I feel like she has to be on this list.
8. http://elleandblair.com - Juicystar07 and AllThatGlitters21's blog. I'm sure it's familiar to you.
9. http://www.amarixe.com - Amarixe from YouTube! I love her YT, and her blog too!

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