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My Hair Routine (Updated Blog Version!)

I realize I already did a post like this a long time ago, but I wanted to do another post on my hair and the products I use, etc. I also understand I recently did a video on this, but I wanted to do this in detailed blog form, just like I did my skincare and everyday makeup routine. I figured maybe it would be easier for you to follow this way rather than watching a video, and my other post isn't as detailed or updated, my hair routine has definitely changed since then. Basically I do a less detailed version of this on my YouTube channel ( but if you wanna keep on reading and see what I think about the products I use, then go ahead. If not, feel free to x out of my blog (: But basically, my hair care routine is very specific, unlike my skincare routine, which isn't as specific, like if my skin is a little oilier that day I'll skip the lotion, or if I'm in a hurry I skip the astringent, or with my makeup, sometimes I won't curl my lashes. But my hair routine is very specific with specific products and I wanted to talk about that. I will probably do a video talking about my hair sometime in the furure. But basically, I have super dark brown hair. Yes, it looks black, but if I stand out in the sun, it looks brown with like a hint of red. Yes, this is my natural color, I have never dyed it. My hair is like, six incheas past my shoulders and I have side bangs, and it's naturally wavy-ish, thick, and 9 times out of 10, frizzy to the extreme. My hair care routine is something that definitely helps me get straight, smotth, frizz-free hair, and I absolutely love my hair care routine! You can go check out my previous post if you would like! But anyway, here are the products I use, this is what works for me. Also, please note that I wash my hair every other day, which is much healthier than washing your hair every day, as it strips the natural healthy oils from your hair! I do not deep clean my hair or use dry shampoo and things like that, I don't think its necessary. This works and keeps my hair clean even on the days I don't wash it. Anyway, this is how I achieve silky smooth and straight, generally frizz-free hair!

1. The first step is always clean hair. I need something that will keep my hair clean for those two days, because of my not washing it every day. This is like embarrassing lol, but I actualy use a dandruff shampoo (haha I don't have dandruff lmao) but it works to keep my hair clean for that extra day! It also keeps my hair smelling great. I actually use Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Clean & Fresh Shampoo, and it does what it says it will -cleans your hair and makes it feel fresh for two days. This stuff creates a nice lather and I really love the scent. I lmao'd when I realized the dandruff shampoo worked for me, but if you want a product that will help your hair stay clean and fresh for two days, this is the produt for you! I'm not positive on the price, it varies from store to store. I buy this at Walmart, where it's cheapest, but compared to regular shampoos, this is a little pricier. But you're using it less often, so technically, I would say it's definitely worth it.^PRD_HAIRCARE^FRUCTIS^FRUCTIS_DISCOVER^FRUCTIS_ANTI_DANDRUFF^FRUCTIS_ANTI_DANDRUFF_RTN1&prdcode=P41301
2. The next step is obviously, conditioner. I love a conditioner that will give my hair a little moisture, plus strength against breakage and split ends and will overall leave my hir silkier and softer with a healthy looking shine. Also, this one smells really good, and works great and keeps my hair super soft and also helps me detangle my hair after a shower (all conditioners should do that anyway though) currently I'm using Pantene Classic Care Conditioner, which works pretty good, but the conditioner I usually use is Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Conditioner, which I absolutely love! This stuff smells so good! The price of this also varies from store to store, I find most of my beauty products and cosmetics, etc. for the best price at Walmart and sometimes Target.
3. As soon as I get out of the shower, I spray a detangler on my hair. The one I use gently detangles knots and lightly conditions as well, plus it provides a nice shine and it smells great. It also helps to leave my hair silky and soft and smooth and I absolutely love this stuff. It does help my frizz a little bit too, I've noticed that it does make ym hair a little more manageable when it comes to frizz. Also, this is especially for my medium to thick hair, I love that this product is made for my hair type. It's really a great product for a pretty good value. It says to comb through with fingers after, but I use a paddle brush hahaha. This is the Pantene Silkening Detangler, and again, the price varies!
4. The next thing I do is gently brush out my hair with a paddle, brush, spraying a little more detangler in if I hit a knot (which rarely happens, because my detangler is amazing lol) but I'd have to say that in general, I like this paddle brush, I know you're supposed to use a comb on wet hair, but I use a paddle brush, and it works okay for me. I don't absolutely LOVE my brush, it's a brush. This one is okay, but if you wanted a really good quality one I probably would not reccomend it. I have only had this one since Christmas and it has lost a few bristles. Is that even what you call them, bristles? Haha whateer. This one is gentle on knots though, which I do like, and generally this brush is an okay brush. I preferred my Conair one to this one, a Goodty brush, but unfortunately I had to throw away that one because of fungus problems...disgusting, I know. It is. But like I said, this brush is okay and is definitely not a bad hairbrush. Like I said, for pretty much all of these products, the price does vary greatly depending on the store. The website is being messed up right now, so I can't really post pics of my brush or anything...whatever, I'll post pictures of the brush I want, haha. But it should work because I've tried this brand a few rimes before and love it. It's Conair! In a cute pattern!
5. I just wait for my hair to airdry. Then I use a heat protectant, the one you know I love would be the TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. This is a heat protectant that's fairly inexpensive (I think it's like 44 and change) and it (besides protecting against heat) adds some shine and softness to your hair. this one also smells absolutely amazing and I love the scent so so much! All I do is spray all over and brush through my hair with a paddle brush. It does not make my hair greasy at all, which I love! It simply protects my hair adding some shine and silkiness, and this is an overall amazing product I highly reccomend. I actually did a review on my YT, go check it out :) This smells amazing as well, did I mention that already? Lmao.
6. The next step is obviously, straightening or flatironing my haqir. the flatiron I use is definitely not professional, but is definitely affordable. This one doesn't give you a totally stick straight look, if you are going for that, you may want to try a CHI or GHD, what is used on me when I go to the salon. But the one I use is definitely not nearly as good as those, but it does what I want it to and is only $30. It's a Zoe, and I got it from Ulta. This heats up to 410 degrees Farenheit and genrally keeps my hair pretty straight for about a day, then I have to go back and straighten my hair again if I want to keep the almost perfectly sttraight hair. Generally, I do like this straightener though. This one is one inch. This one in the picture is the exact pattern I have, and is still available at Ulta, at least online it is, for $29.99.
7. The last step is a straightening creme, which I find does make my hair a lot less frizzy and helps hold in the "straightness" from my flatiron. Generally if after one day my hair isn't as strauight as I would like it to be, I just rub some in the palm of my hand and then finger comb through my hair for a silky smooth look and feel! This stuff, like all Pantene products, smells nice and works beutifully. It provides silkiness and makes my hair feels amazingly soft and satiny smooth. Again, the price does vary, but whatever it may be, it is well worth it because I absolutely love this product!
Thanks so much for reading my hair routine, I know it isn't all tha interesting, congats if you made it through this post, especially if you read this entire post as well as my skincare and mkeup one, I think that one was my longest post up to date lol! Thanks again for reading :) Please follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my YouTube, follow me on Tumblr, and follow this blog! xoxo


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