Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ezra Fitz vs. Jason DiLaurentis

Last night's new episode of Pretty Little Liars was by far the best one yet. I know I say that every week, but it was. Once I find the right scenes on YouTube, I will do a post on Haleb, because there was definitely a scene between Hanna and Caleb last night that made me start to cry. But anyway, this one is going to be about Ezra Fitz vs. Jason DiLaurentis, the two men in Aria's love life right now. In last night's episode, Aria kept having recurring dreams of her and Jason, and not in a good way, because Aria is already taken... by her former AP English teacher, Ezra Fitz, who she has been with since the very beginning. Because of this, she tries to convince herself he's in love with Ezra, and Ezra only, by trying to spend more time with him. Meanwhile, Spencer and Emily are able to sneak into Jason's shed to find creepy pictures of Aria sleeping, plus spy equipment and cameras. Jason eventually tells Aria about his feelings towards her, and then kisses her, but Aria tells him she's already taken.

Ezra Fitz: Ezra has been with Aria since the very beginning, before Ali's body was even found, before he was her English teacher, before Hanna, Emily, and Spencer were even on the screen, we met Ezra. Although their relationship was technically forbidden, Ezra managed to get a new job so he can be with Aria. He does have a crazy, jealous ex, Jackie, and he currently teaches at Hollis. Ezra truly cares about Aria, even after Aria tells him the truth about The Jenna Thing. Ezra would never do anything to hurt Aria, even though he once "lied" about the Jackie thing by nottelling Aria of her existence, as Jacki was once engaged to him.

Jason DiLaurentis: Ali's older brother who just recently returned to Rosewood, meaning him and Aria have no history (love-wise, anyway) but all of a sudden, Jason and Aria are "interested" in each other. Aria, although she refuses to admit it, is beginning to have recurring dreams about her and Jason together, and Jason actually admits to Aria his feelings for her, and then kisses her. Aria then leaves, knowing she still loves Ezra. Jason is actually spying on Aria, most likely setting up cameras in her bedroom, because he has pictures of Aria sleeping locked up in his shed. Jason and Aria may be cute together, but he is definitely a creepy stalker. Plus, he's still a suspect, for both Alison's killer and also A.

I definitely think Aria should choose Ezra. Ezra, like I mentioned, has been with Aria since the beginning, unlike creepy Jason, who can't be trusted.

Aria's dream about Jason

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