Sunday, August 28, 2011

MAC Naked Lunch Review and Swatches!

Hi everyone! If you've been keeping up with my videos and my blog, you probably know that recently, for my birthday, I got my first and so far only MAC Eyeshadow! The one that I got is MAC's Naked Lunch, a gorgeous neutral with a frost finish. This eyeshadow is $15.00, and even though it has a much higher price than any other drugstore eyeshadow in this color, it is so worth it. My MAC eyeshadow is by far the best quality eyeshadow I've ever used - and I've tried a ton - Clinique, Ulta, Maybelline, the list goes on and on. This eyeshadow is sooo sooo pigmented and has the perfect amount of shimmer. The color is like I said, absolutely beautiful. MAC describes Naked Lunch as a minimal pink with shimmer. Personally, I would describe this as a soft beige with a pink undertone, and the perfect amount of shimmer. This is a beautiful shade on me, personally, this eyeshadow is pretty much the exact color of my skin, maybe a little lighter. I love that because when I put it on it doesn't look like I'm wearing a ton of eyeshadow. It looks totally natural and really pretty. It lasts all day long, which I like, and compared to other eyeshadows I've tried, creases very little, and it blends beautifully. The pictures, they do make this look a tad bit lighter than it naturaly is, that is just because of my camera though! But it is still a very beautiful color and I hope you enjoy my first eyeshadow swatches, I hope to do more reviews/swatching in the future! Okay, swatch time!
This is the eyshadow in the box, what it looks like when you first buy it.
Paraben free(:
This is what it looks like in pot form
Naked Lunch, with a frost finish! Love it.
This is a beautiful neutral!
It's kinda hard to see, ik, but that's because this color is very similar to the color of my skin. I actually really like that becuase it comes off as super natural looking! As you can see, it has a really nice shimmer.
Sorry for the bad picture quality...but this eyeshadow still looks gorgeous, and as you can see, it has an amazing finish.

Okay, thank you so much for reading my first review/swatch post. I hope yo enjoyed, leave a comment if you want me to swatch anything else! Let me know and I'll see if I have it! xoxo

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