Saturday, August 13, 2011

More YouTube Video Ideas

I know I just posted omething not too long ago talking about some ideas for YouTube vidos. But guess what? Last night, well, this morning technically, I came up with a whole bunch more. I'm not sure if I may have mentioned these before, because it was 12:03 AM, and I couldn't sleep, yet I was quite tired. So I thought up all of these, not knowing if I've mentioned them before? Like I say, REQUEST videos you want me to do! I'm pretty open to anything beauty or fashion or style related etc. etc. etc. as long as it does not involve showing my face, because my parents won't allow me to unfortunately, because of safety and all that, just as they won't let me tell my name, yada yada yada. Ooh, when I turn eighteen, I'll prob open a new YouTube lol. But anyway, I've come up with all these ideas, and for the hair tutorials, I'll just do them on my sister and how you them from like the back and side, or I'll take pics, and block out her face all that fun stuff. But I came up with a few more, please let me know which ones you're looking forward to seeing the most. I think I'm gonna film tomorrow because I really would like to film outside and I can't today...I really would like to do a makeup starter kit. However what I find strange is that I don't own many blushes, at all really. I used to have a Maybelline one but I dropped it a few times and it ended up shattered, and then what I use now is one of those free gift with purchase of like $22.50 or $32.5 at like Clinique and Lancome and all those cool freebies. Anyway...what are my videas for videos? I'm hoping to finish at least these plus others by the end of let's say, 2011? I probably will, I'd be surprised if I didn't. Anyway, here we go...

♥ Makeup Starter Kit
♥ Fall Nail Polish Picks
♥ Updated Makeup Collection
♥ Updated (Again) What's In My Purse?
♥ What's In My School Bag?
♥ Fishtail Braid Tutorial
♥ Waterfall Braid Tutorial
♥ 10 Most Worn Things
♥ Easy Floral Nail Tutorial
♥ 10 Most Used Makeup Products

*My First Day of School Outfit (I might have you vote on this again, I know last year I did this and actually, I ended up wearing what didn't win hahaha, but this year I'm gonna keep my promise and wear what the vote says I should :)
**Room Tour: This is definitely my most requested video! Unfortunately, my parents wouldn't be comfortable with me showing you around my house :( I'm sorry :( my room's bnothing great anyway haha, I'll try to sneak in a quick overview of my room in a future video :)
***When I hit 1000 subscribers, I definitely would like to do a contest!

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