Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to School: What to keep in your bag!

Hi everyone, this is the second post in my back to school series! I understand I already did a post like this a while ago, back in July: and yes I know there's a typo there I said video instead of post? Oh well, i'll fix it later if I remember. But anyway, this post is going to be a little bit more focused on what you might want to keep in an "emergency survival kit" type thing. You can add whatever you want and you do not have to use everything I'll be talking about, thy are just recommendations and suggestions! This post will not include extras like Colgate Wisps and so forth, if you wanna check out what I would put in as extras, check out my other posts! This is just the bare essentials, "I have to have this" type thing. But like I said, add whatever you want, and don't include everything if you don't feel like you'd need it. It only takes up space! If your school bag has a pocket, you can use that as your "survival kit" but I'd reccomend using a smaller bag, like a small cosmetic bag, in case you need something from that and don't want to have to take your whole bag. So, a small cosmetic bag would work perfectly for this, sometimes you can get them free with purchase at the makeup counters at Macy's. This kit is super easy and simple. Well, enough of my really long intro, let's get into what's actually in this kit.
♥ Tissues
♥ Bobby pins/hair elastics
♥ Small travel sized perfume or body splash
♥ Lipgloss and/or lip balm
♥ Stuff for that know what I'm talking about.

See? Super simple! Have this in your bag at all times! You're probably thinking that perfume or body splash and both lipgloss and lipbalm is not an essential, but if your lips are chapped, or if you spill something smelly all over you at lunch, it is most definitely an essential. For some people, perfume or body splash in aerosol type things is not allowed, you could maybe try a roll-on perfume or even a lightly scented lotion. Make sure the scent isn't too strong though, or you may get in trouble with your teacher or principal, just because some people are allergic to some of those stronger scents or it bothers them.


  1. Great advice i will make sure to have these in my bag!

  2. The Beautyliciouss - Thank you so much! And you're welcomeee(: I love having all this stuff in my bag and not having to worry about it haha!