Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Feather Extensions

If you've been keeping up with the latest trends and the newest fashion and style, you probably know that feather hair extensions have become very popular. Feather extensions are a feather, most from a real bird, placed into human hair. These feathers are so cool and very pretty and I definitely want one. Feathers come in several different colors, either natural or dyed, and can vary in length. Feathers can be flatironed, curled, blowdryed, showered with, etc etc. etc. I'd love a natural one in maybe like a dark brown? Feathers can last potentially up to several months. I WANT A FEATHER! Two people that have had or currently have feather extensions would be macbarbie07 on YouTube ( and also, if you've looked closely, you'll have noticed that Aria from Pretty Little Liars also had a feather extension in her hair. I'm pretty sure it's gone now though. These feathers aren't bad price wise, I think most are under twenty dollars, which is great, considering it can last up to several months. Feathers are available at salons, not all of them I don't think. Keep in mind I am no expert about feather extensions, I'm just telling you what I know! I found this website: there are some pretty feathers on there. I want either a natural feather or one of the pink ones :) Check out Ke$ha's feathers!

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