Monday, August 29, 2011

Nail of the Day - 8/29/11

Hi everyone! Last night I pained my nails, and I decided to paint them OPI Rising Star, which is a beautiful orangey-gold color with a pretty shimmer, which I think is perfect now that fall is approaching. I actually will probably show this in my Fall Nail Polish Picks video, which I'm planning on filming hopefulky either today or tomorrow. But anyway, this nail polish is a super pretty color, and in certain lighting, makes my nails look really pretty and definitely really metallic. I've found that this nail polish looks bst on short, square nails, at least in my opinion. This nail polish, like all OPI polishes, is an amazing quality and does not chip easily. It's so so pretty and reminds me of autumn, considering it's orange. The pictures do look a little more orange than in real life, but I've found overall that in certain lighting this nail polish can look either more orange or more gold, depending on the lighting. It's a little bit sheer but not too sheer. I probably could've gotten away with one coat, but I did two anyway just because I like opaque nail polish rather than sheer and transparent. Anyway, I only have the little mini one, but I probably will be purchasing the full sized one when I run out.
LMAO at the Cheerios in the background!

So thank you guys for reading this post, let me know if you like these swatches and nail polish swatches or if you'd prefer me to just blog about random things! Okay, thank you again for reading this post! xoxoxo

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