Saturday, August 27, 2011

Movie Review: The Smurfs

Hi everyone! I saw the Smurfs earlier today (I'm currently at my grandparents and unable to blog, but this will go up when I get home, but I'm writing this August 25) but anyway, I saw The Smurfs, it was a really good movie! It was better than I expected, the Smurfs were all so cute hahaha. I'll attach a trailer at the end of the post! But basically, plot synopsis: There's a ton of Smurfs that live in their own little Smurf village, and this evil guy, who I keep forgetting the name of, and his cat... but basically I guess the Smurfs can provide power for him to become like the most powerful wizard? Well anyway, the Smurfs are preparing for the Blue Moon Festival, when the bad guy comes and tries to capture them. So Clumsy, being his clumsy self, runs into an area that says not to enter, and that it's especially dangerous during the blue moon, and of course, it would be the time of a blue moon. So Clumsy, along with a few other Smurfs, including Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Grouchy, etc. follow him, and because of the blue moon they are sucked into a water vortex type thingy and brought into the human world, in New York City, meanwhile all the other Smurfs are back at Smurf village, with the bad guy and his cat following Clumsy and those other few Smurfs. Those few end up with a young and expecting couple, Patrick and Grace, for a few days, well, actually, I think it's just one night, until the next blue moon, which will provide them with a chance to get back to their village. So, they follow Patrick to his job and almost get him fired, they befriend Grace, who, soon after meeting the few Smurfs, (they end up in their house after jumping onto a taxi, to rescue clumsy, who was put in a box to escape the bad guy, and the box is in the taxi...) Grace and Patrick are terrified of the Smurfs, but Grace eventually convinces Patrick the Smurfs are friendly, and the Smurfs even befriend Patrick and Grace's dog. So to get home, the Smurfs will need a blue moon, which Papa Smurf says depends on the alignment of the stars, therefore he will need a stargazer to determine when the next blue moon will occur. They eventually, when in a taxi outside of FAO Schwartz, see one, and manage to get inside. Clumsy tries to get up an escalator, and children there see him thinking he's some kind of cool toy, and now everyone wants a Smurf. They are able to get the stargazer, which is a telescope, but are almost caught by the bad guy in the attempt. Luckily, Grace calls Patrick at work, and they are able to help the Smurfs and free them from the bad guy. That night, Papa Smurf is outside studying the stars and he talks to Patrick about fatherhood. Patrick was just given a promotion at work and is in charge of the advertisement. Clumsy accidentally sends the wrong advertisement. Then the Smurfs help out around the house and turn Patrick's office into a room for the new baby. Then Papa Smurf races in and says there will be a blue moon that night. They go to an antique book shop in search of a book of spells and they come across one of their own comic books. Meanwhile, the bad guy has Papa Smurf trapped. Smurfette does eventually save him. Brainy manages to "Smurf" the blue moon and he goes back to the Smurf village and brings back all of the other Smurfs in order to fight the bad guy. They eventually win the fight, because of Clumsy, who Grace now refers to as Hero. They are able to return to their village and Grace and Patrick have their baby boy, who they name Blue.

So yes, I know I left some things out. But basically this is what happens. I absolutely love this movie and the story and everything about this movie in general! It's a very good movie with a happy ending, and I love happy endings! This movie is probably my favorite, along with Mr. Popper's Penguins, both two of my favorite movies. I love everything about this movie, very detailed story and the Smurfs are so cute! I love the whole plot and the idea and this movie was just brilliant. This has me wanting a sequel!

Okay, so thank you so much for reading my Smurfs movie review, if you have not seen the movie yet, here is one of the trailers:

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