Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny haul.

Hi everyone! Today I went to Target, and only bought two things... I actually really wanted the Conair Spiral Styler, but I'm trying to save my money for a Tiffany bracelet, so I didn't get it. But I wanted something a little less expensive, because I feel like it's been forever since I went shopping and spent money. For me, shpping and spending money relieves stress. Not that I'm stressed or anything....even though the first day of school is exactly one week from today...I'm really excited though. I love school. But anyway, I went to Target and also JoAnns, where I just got some origami paper - not that exciting whatsoever. Anyway, for my birthday back in July, my mom had promised me I could go to my favorite nail saolon and get a manicure there. But unfortunately we can't do that, so I told her I'd just wait and go for Christmas. But I still wanted a little something special for my first day of school for my nails, so what did I do? I bought some nail polish. Usually I don't buy nail polish, ever. And if I do it's usually just the cheap $0.99 kind like NYC I get at Walmart. But I felt like I needed a little retail therapy, so I bought some nail polish. It took me a long long time to decided what color I wanted, I was between Nicole by OPI's The Next CEO, a metallic golden color from the Liquid Metal collection, and then there was Miss Independent, another one from the same Nicole by OPI collection. It's a really pretty pinky-purple-silver-y metallic, and it's super pretty and a very unique color. I had actually wanted to originally look for a metallic gold, but once I saw Miss Independent, I wasn't sure really what I wanted. There were a ton of beautiful polish colors, but those two really stood out. After like fifteen minutes, literally, I finally opted for Miss Independent, because it would match this really pretty bracelet that I have. I'll definitely do a swatch of that sometime, because I feel like it's one of those beauty products I totally have to swatch on my blog. I have not tried it yet, but I've been researching it and looking at pictures online and it is so so pretty, I am very happy I chose this one, which pleasantly surprised me, becuase usually when I'm faced with a choice, I end up regretting it. But anyway, the other thing I got, unfortunately it is not on the Target website, but it's just a belt. See, EVERYONE in my school wears belts with everything. Me? Nada. So I HAD to get a belt. I just needed ONE FREAKING BELT. So that's what I got. My mom paid for it actually, it's just a brown braided leather belt, and I think it was on sale for like 4 and change. It's really basic and simple but I guess I really really wanted a belt. It's cute. So, anyway, that's pretty much my haul. It's quite boring, I know. Oh well. Hehehe thanks for reading this post. xoxoxo

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