Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to School: First Day of School Outfit?

Before reading the rest of this, you shiould watch my back to school haul here:

Okay, so what this is about would be: I'm asking you what I should wear on the first day of school this year. I have three different options for you, so please vote by either leaving me a comment below, or on my YouTube video. I'm going into my last year of middle school, btw. So, I have three different options here, the first all of them being with the grey flats with the sequin toes shown towards the end of the video. Of course, I'll also be adding accessories and makeup and all that fun stuff, but this is only about clothes. And btw, for accessories, I'll be wearing the earrings I always wear, the (fake) diamond studs, and then the purple flower ring I got from Forever 21, or if I wear the dress, the jeweled flower cocktail ring, and then idk for necklaces or bracelets yet, it depends on what I end up wearing. And hair, I think I'll just straighten it or curl it or something, I'm not sure yet. I really would like to get a new curling iron. I'll talk about that in another post though. I get off-topic a lot. And for makeup, the brown color in Clinique's Strawberry Fudge Eyeshadow Duo all over the lid, with MAC Naked LUnch from crease to browbone, blended. Clinique's Kohl Shaper for Eyes (the dark brown) on the outer half of waterline, curled lashes, with a layer of Maybelline Great Lash and two coats of Maybelline The Falsies Flared. Clinique Blush and Sunkissed Bronzer (not sure of colors, this set was a free gift, but I know the bronzer is Sunkissed) then a coat of B&BW Strawberry Lemonade Liplicious, blotted. Okay, now, finally, options for outfits:
1. The grey dress, the first thing I show you. This I got from Abercrombie for like $14.45, originally $49.50. This one's very cute, but although casual, I feel it may be a bit dressy for school, even if it is only the first day.
2. The navy blue peasant style top, over the basic navy tank thingie, with the crops/capris/whateveryouwanttocallthem. The top and tank are both from Abercrombie Kids, peasant top on sale for $19.90 and the tank was like, on sale for like 25% off or something? I think it was like $13 or around there. And then the capri thingies were on sale at Old Navy for only $10.
3. Basically, the same as the last.outfit, but with the white top, and a white tank I already have.

So what do you think I should wear? Oh, and I remembered: I had bought a $17 bracelet on vacation and it freakin BROKE already. I didn't even get it one month ago. Not even two weeks, actually. But I'll fix that later. It's all pearles, with a pink rhinestone bow. Remind me to put a picture in an upcoming post!

Kay, ttyl! xo, Ali

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