Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Boyce Avenue!

The title of this article is also one of the best bands out there, no joke! This band, which I discovered on YouTube, is very inspirational and perform amazing out-of-this-world music and covers that turn out thousands of times better than the original! Seriously, these guys (Alejandro, Fabian, and Daniel Manzano) are the best, amazing instrumentals and an amazing voice is what this band is. They also write amazing inspirational songs of their own I could spend hours listening too. Yet, they only have a few over 700,000 subscribers. Like are you serious. This unbelievably talented band deserves so much more than that, I absolutely love them all and am a hugeee fan. Boyce Avenue, even though it's a long time away, is so performing at my wedding. They have to. They're amazingly awesome, and words like, cannot describe how much I love this band! I listen to this music before falling asleep and it's amazing. I know this post probably sounds blah and I'm repeating things a lot but that's how much I freaking love them. You need to go check them out. and and and and more. I love them til forever and always♥

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