Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Text In the Shower?!

Yes, I've done it before. No, I did not damage my phone AT ALL! In fact, it didn't even have one drop of water on it after! Will this work for your phone, I don't know. Before I officially begin this post and tell you how I've done this, I want to put a disclaimer on this.... ***Disclaimer*** I am NOT responsible for any broken or damaged phones! This works for my phone, and even if you follow these steps exactly the way I write them, it still may not be perfectly safe for your phone! This worked for me, but that does NOT mean it will work for you!... Okay, there we go. But yes, I've texted in the shower before, I'm sure this would work if I were to take a bath as well. Before I ell you how I did this, let me get some things straight...-If you do this in a bath, never ever put your phone directly under the faucet, or in the bathwater itself.
-If done in the shower, never put your phone directly in the water!
-We want to keep the phone as dry as possible!
Okay. So, now for the exciting part, let me tell you how I was able to successfully text in the shower. I would not reccomend this every time you shower or bathe, because over time, it probably could take away days from your phone's life...but anyway, here's how I did this and what worked for me. I have T-Mobile, a Samsung Gravity 3. I just recently got this phone back in March!
1. Take a small plastic bag and put your phone in. If your phone has a keyboard, slide open the phone, because otherwise it will be difficult to slide the phone open in the bag while in the shower. Try not to slide your phone closed again while you shower.
2. Make sure the bag is sealed closed as tightly as possible (this means a bag with a zipper would work best for this! Probably the only type of bag that would work.)
3. When in the shower, either keep your phone right outside the shower or bath on the floor, or keep it on a shelf in your shower as far away from the water as possible! I actually keep mine outsidde of the shower when I do this!
4. Text away! No, this doesn't mean spending like an hour in the shower texting and hacking up like a bazillion dollars on your parents' water bill, hahaha, butttt I love doing this and if you only take five minute showers, not like my twenty-thirty minute ones even w/o texting, then you don't even need to probably bother with this! Good luck!
*Oh, and take your phone out of the bag as soon as you're out!
**Please remember I am NOT responsible for damaged phones!
Thanks for reading! If you've tried this and it works or you know aother trick to texting in the shower, please leave me a comment below! Thanks! xo

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