Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cute First Day of School Outfit Ideas - ft. Hollister

So it's July 29th and for some of you back to school is just around the corner...however I personally don't start until September 5th... so I wanted to do a post on cute outfits you can wear for your first day back to school. This would be my idea of a cute back to school outfit...btw if you're wondering I'm going into high ninth grade!

  Hollister Crop Jeans
Let's start with a basic - skinny crops. These ones are super cute, dark, slightly destroyed at the knee, and currently, on sale at Hollister for $30 from $49.50. I actually have this exact pair (I'm a size 1 for reference, but I do think they're a little big on me in the leg...) but other than the leg issue (they fit me more like bootcuts would in the leg as opposed to the skinnies they're supposed to be) these jeans are incredibly soft and super comfy. I also really love that they're cuffed at the bottom, it's a super cute detail that I think adds the perfect touch to this outfit.

 Victoria Beach Shirt
This is a cute navy and white plaid checkered shirt with cuffed sleeves. I think this one makes you look really pretty and sophisticated, and I think it would look even better with straight hair, neutral makeup with pink lips, and the cuffed crops. I actually have this exact shirt from Abercrombie Kids, but I couldn't find that one online anymore. It looks really nice over a white or navy lace cami, especially if it has pretty lace detailing at the top! This shirt is on sale for $30 from $39.50 at Hollister, but if you can still manage to find it at Abercrombie Kids, I got mine on sale for $6!

Faria Beach Tank
This is that pretty tank top that would look perfect underneath the plaid shirt. It's delicate and girly, with pretty lace at the top with beaded detailing. This tank is available in white too, if you'd rather wear white under the plaid shirt. It's currently $19.50 on the Hollister website, but if you wait a bit I'm sure you could find it on sale.

Beach Flip Flops
These are classic rubber flip flops, in navy to match the rest of your outfit. Since the shirt may be a bit fancier than you would usually wear to school, you can dress it down with rubber flip flops. These ones match the rest of your outfit, of course, and are durable and comfy. The best part? They're currently on sale for $9.30.


Classic So Cal Belt
This pretty braided belt is the finishing touch to your outfit. It's classic, simple, yet pretty and goes with any outfit. I especially like the brown leather against dark crops. Of course, if you don't wanna spend on the money on the belt from Hollister, you could find a brown braided belt just about anywhere else as well. This one is on sale for $20.65 currently.

What about jewelry? Keep it simple with pearl studs, a simple silver necklace, and a silver charm bracelet.

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