Monday, January 24, 2011

Curly Hair Pt. 2 and Other Random Things! Haha.

Hehe hiii! I've been trying to blog every day lately. First, I'm just gunna say the times on this blog are screwy. Lol it says I'm posting 3 hrs earlier than I actually rite now it's 6:47 it's gunna say 3:47 or 3:50 or whatever time it is when this entry is posted. Haha. Anywayyy...

The whole hair thingy worked out. I braided my hair (5 braids, and I looked like an idiot lol) but it worked. I just wet my hair before I went to bed last nite. Then braided it and slept w it. Then when I woke up it was all curly and wavy and pretty. But heheh after getting home from school today it refused to straighten lol so I just took a shower teehee. Well at least it worked.

Well PLL is on tonite and I'm SO excited! Rly wanna see what happens w Melissa and Ian and then Em and Maya! Hahah well I searched on Wikipedia (not trustworthy, ik) but it said a buncha stuff lol. And then next weeks episode I HAVE to see, b/c Aria and Ezra plan their first public date! Sorry, spoilers ik, but it's Wikipedia, so who knows what's gunna happen?? Then I wanna see what A does to Hanna. Rite now, I sooo think A is Ian!!! Heheh and so super happy that Noel is in trouble because I <3 Aria and Ezra.

Haha then 2 other good shows are on: 19 Kids and Counting (maybe 20, b/c I think Michelle may be pregnant again) and then what I'm more excited about, The Next Great Baker! Honestly, like no offense, but I seriously think either Dana or Meghan will win!!!

Haha either way Im MOST excited about PLL, obv. Teehee.

Oh well. Rite now I'm reading this book, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan. I read 182 pgs 2day. Hahah well I had midterms today (YEAY) lol well anyway it's AMAZING and this week I think I'll do a book talk this week on YouTube on 2 books!

Lol well I guess that's all I have to say. Hehe ttyl.

Ali <333

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