Sunday, January 23, 2011

Curlyyyy hair?!?!?!

First of all, this entry isn't gonna be very long, because I'm supposed to be on the computer doing my science homework, not blogging. But oh well.

Haha wellllll I'm just gonna get to the point. A few days ago, @ellefowler on Twitter tweeted a picture of her natural hair... I LOVED it! So I just took a shower today, and when my hair was wet, I put it into 5 braids. I looked silly... hahah yea I didn;t like he look too much. I ended up taking it out early, which I regret. I was gonna go to bed with it in and stuff but I couldn't go a moment longer looking so silly. I took it out, and it looked AMAZING! Well I wish I had left it in til tmrw! Ah well I guess I'll curl or straighten tmrw...hahahah! So now my hair is one big frizzball! Any tips on curling your hair? Post it in the comments and let me know!

Ali ♥


  1. i told you in school!!! spray with rave xtra hold, curl, then more rave.

  2. When your hair is dry try putting it in really thick braids and get hair thread an them into a ball like bun thing, then dip them in boil hot water. Be careful not to burn yourself. Then towel dry them and let them sit for about 5min. Lastly take them out. your hair will be wet for a while but let it air dry. After it dries apply curl activator.I recommend curl activator by Smooth Shine Polishing (ssp). Good Luck.