Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm in a bloggy mood... hehehh

Hehehhh well right now I have sooo much energy yet I'm soooo bored...lol what the perfect combo. Hahah so I felt like blogging, which I am doing, or else you wouldn't be reading this entry...teehee.

I don't even know what I'm gonna talk about... so whatevsrs on my mind as ok typing, I guess that's what I'm gonna be talking about. Lol.

Well first Twitter. I have the Twitter app on my iPod and there are like soooo many ways to tweet! TweetDeck, Twitoaster, HootSuite, Twitter for Android, Twitter for BlackBerry, Twitter for iPhone (and in my case, iPod touch), and of course plain ol' web. I'm sure there's like a tonnnn more hahahh. Check out my Twitter (yea sry it's private lol, but safety first ;) heheh anyway http://www.twitter.com/hersheykiss723

Second, PLL. I saw the first half last nite. Dint ask why, b/c I don't even no myself. It was really good though! This YouTuber, Moon351 is the username, uploads videos such as "Pretty Little Liars 1x14 Careful What U Wish For Aria And Ezra Scenes" or "Hanna and Lucas Scenes" or whatever... and in amazing quality!!!

Lol I had more to sayyy but I forgot. Teehee.

So I'll tty tmrw!

Ali <3

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