Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pretty Little Liars and More!

From the title of this entry, you can probably tell what this is gonna be about. Yep, Pretty Little Liars.First of all, I have an OBSESSION with that show! It's so good! Second, Aria and Ezra beat Aria and Noel every time... they're perfect together! I really wanna see the next episode...I hate waiting though! And Aria's feather earrings are the coolest! the next time I go to the mall, I'm gonna look for a pair just like them!!! Love the gold hoops with the blue feathers.

Hanna and Lucas look so much better than Hanna and Sean. If I were Hanna, I would sooooo go with Lucas! Hahah although they both were acting a little weird at Hanna's surprise welcome home party...

Spencer.... she definitely is smart to be spying on Ian and Melissa. See, isn't Ian an antagonist??? Yea, thought soooo...

Emily...a bit creepy! Hahahah...

Soooo, Aria and Ezra are my fav couple on PLL!!!

Hehe but I just love this pic of all 4 of the girls:

Love it!

Hahaaaa well you should check out...

Ali ♥

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