Friday, January 28, 2011

Science Fair, Microsoft Word, YouTube, Too Much Homework, and Spongebob

Heyyyyy!!! Im soooo excited b/c I finished my science fair thingy todayyy! Yeayyyy!!!!!! Lol it looks pretttyyy b/c the color scheme is lime green and hot pinkkkk (: I'll attach a pic tmrw b/c my inbox on my iPod is not wanting to retrieve the pic msg I sent from my fone. Lol it has a pretty flashing star on it..teehee

Microsoft Word... just got it for my computer today and I am in LOVE! Loovvvee the word art thing... always been wanting to try that out! It's soooo cool and I know I prob sound sooo nerdy rite now but I don't care hahahah!!! In love w the program (: btw before today I've been using Microsoft Works, which is a good program but I prefer Word lol.

Ahhhh YouTube... good ole YouTube. Because I've been working on my science project literally since the minute I got home from school today at 3 lol, I didn't get a chance to film! Say what?!?! Oh well I'll just film tmrw and I'm planning on going shopping Wednesday w some bffs (half day...parent teacher conferences :) b/c got r report cards today straight As and A+s yeayyy!!! Haha ik I'm wayyy off topic who who cares?! Lol. Well tmrw I'm debating over what to film. Yeppp...still!!! Ughhh soooo many good ideas...teehee. I think I should do a book talk, focusing on 2 books! Because they're both AH-MAZING books that I rllllly rlllly reccommend. I don't think I'm gunna do monthly favorites every month anymore. It just gets a little boring, to be honest. Also, I want your feedback! 1. Request a video! 2. What do you like and dislike about my videos? What changes could I make to improve them? 3. Inspired by iJustine, should I start doing a QOTV for you to answer in the comments...hmmmm...

The next thing I wanna talk about... homework, aka les devoirs (looove French...hahahhh J'adore le français) but anyway, off topic again sry lol, I think kids get wayyy too much homework! Especially over the w/e! I guess considering I have a 42 (yea, forty-two, random number idk y) minute study break to do hw, it shouldn't seem like tht much, but it is. Maybe it's just me today b/c I used my entire study trying to get into the FULL computer lab lol, then tryin to figure out how to put documents on flash drives lol. Then the bell rang. But anyway, back on topic heheh, I think it should be illegal for us to hav to do homework over w/e! Lol I understand it's to "reinforce the information" but seriously, I wouldn't have a problem if we had a longer school day and no hw! Do you agree?!

Last topic I feel like talking about is my second fav show ever, after Pretty Little Liars, obv (btw still hating Simone). It's Spongebob Squarepants! I'm a total SUCKER for that show! Legends of Bikini Bottom was soooo good tonite! (yepp I've already seen it, the Blogspot clock is all screwy and is slow by 3 hrs, I think I've mentioned that already) Anywayyyy... it was AWESOME! Loved the 1 where Spongebob and Patrick (fab character btw is Patrick) had to not pull the drain thingy! Ahhh the writers of Spongebob are def opposite of Patrick - pure GENIUS! Yup, ik Spongebob was written for like 5 yr olds (and I'm alot more than double, closer to triple that) hahahhh but still lovin it (:

Hehehhh so do you think that was long enuf 4 tonite?! Leave a comment! Which do u prefer: long posts or short posts? Personally, I loooove blogging and reading other ppls posts, so I prefer longer posts. But ik sum ppl don't. Which do you prefer!? Let me know (:

love u (:

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  1. I think you should do an updated What's In My Purse and around the end tell your YouTube Subscribers to send in questions for you. Then a week later do a Q/A video answering the questions that you can answer.