Saturday, January 29, 2011

OPI Katy Perry Collection! ♥

After discovering this stuff, I decided I HAD to post this blog here it is: OMG. New this month was OPI's Katy Pery collection. When I mentioned it in my last post, I had never even seen it lol (but I knew I wanted it because a.) I love OPI. b.) I love nail polish. c.) I love Katy Perry) and mixing the 3 together would make the best nail collection ever. Lol so after blogging, I googled the words "OPI Katy Perry Collection" and clicked on a link to a blog about nail polish and the colors looked awesome! Like that nail polish would be absolutely perfect for me!!! So when I go on Wednesday, CVS had better have that collection lol because I am most definitely buying it no matter what! (Or I could always go to Ulta lol) I love all of the colors, especially (based on the pix in the blog) "Not Like the Movies" and also, "Teenage Dream" Hahah that isn't a surprise because I absolutely looooove those songs :) The colors are amazinggggggg and soooo pretty! Love "Teenage Dream" with "Black Shatter" on top also! All amazing nail polishes, based on the picture, and I loveee the brand OPI! It's actually my favorite nail polish brand in the world! So I pretty much HAVE to try out this stuff, and then, of course, review it on YouTube. Hahahh. I really have to try this polish like ASAP.... it would be perfect for me, I just know it. If you've tried it, let me know what you think in the comments below!!!
Some awesome blogs I found!
Ali <3


  1. My mom i think is gonna buy this for me :) i think i saw an ad in a magazine... people maybe? or seventeen? and i absolutely love "teenage dream". gorgeous-nessss :)

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