Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I can't pick a title, because I don't know what this will be about. Haha.

Love the title? Hahah well I do too!!!

Heheh I have no idea what to talk about but am in a really bloggy mood, like last nite. Lol. I've got good news and bad news. I tweeted this like 5 min ago hahahhh but I love: that as of today, midterms are done for me! Yeay! I took my English midterm today! That means that I finished my last one! And it was awful! It was just a long comp essay, and u had to do a long plan and a whole rough draft and everything. Ew. Hate it. Yea, and both the rough draft and the final copy were 5 stinkin paragraphs...ughhh hate writing. But my English teacher is awesome loll. The bad news! I HATE science fair! My board is due next Tues (Feb 1) and I just barely started today hahahhh. And to make things worse, there might be a snow day tmrw! Therefore, alllll my science fair work is saved on the school system computers, so no more work on that until I can get my papers and stuff. Heheh i'm gunna bring in a USB.

Second, PLL. Yesterday I didn't get to finish lol. Moon351 is the username, and they upload scenes from PLL, in HD! It sounds too good to be true, but it is! If ur a PLL fan, like me, u HAVE to go subscribe! You won't regret ;)

Third, also related to PLL, sooo happy Ezra FINALLY told Aria he loves her! It's about time!!! Btw, post a comment: do u think Aria should pick Noel or Ezra and why??? Also, what Emily did was surprising. Well, I kindof expected it, but not rly...make sense lol?? Ahhh wish more Melissa and Ian were there. Wanna see where that situation goes. And what Spencer does about it. Hanna. Hanna danced with Lucas?!?! Yes! I looove Hanna and Lucas together, so happy she finally broke up w Sean!!! Ahhhh!!! Lol and then there's Simone, who I hate rite now! I looove Ezra and Aria together, so perfect! Then Simone comes in to try and take Ezra from his Aria! What the...?!?!

Lol well also...plzzz request a video on YT haha! I have like no clue what u guys wanna see! Come check me out on YT and subscribe if u haven't already!

Thk u!

Love u ;)

Ali <3

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