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Pretty Little Liars. One of the things I talk about most on this blog. Lol.

3 words: Pretty. Little. Liars. Hahahhhh I loooooove that show I have ever watched in my entire life... and I've seen a lot of different shows!!! I guess I'll just be blogging about Pretty Little Liars everything! Btw, SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the books or seen the show up to this point, I would suggest not reading!!! But you can if you want to :) Hahahhh so I'm gonna start off with just an overview of the characters. Personally, Aria is my favorite. So let's start with her. Aria was the first character shown in the TV Series. She is described as being short with dark hair, and kind of nerdy. Aria loves knitting, as she once knitted everyone mohair bras for Christmas one year. She's had a crush on Noel Kahn for awhile now. She moves away to Iceland (Alison has disappeared now) and comes back after a year. At a bar, she meets Ezra Fitz who she flirts with, and eventually that night ends up kissing. Then on her first day to school, she realizes Ezra is also her English teacher!!! Noel, Aria's bf, finds out about their relationship, and threatens to tell the principal if Ezra doesn't give him the grade he wants...luckily, Noel is expelled after caught cheating on 3 midterms. Meanwhile, Aria's dad, Byron (who is married to Aria's mom, Ella) is dating one of his students, Meredith. So Aria, if she doesn't tell her mother herself, "A" will. And A does, causing Aria's family to begin to fall apart. Then there's Hanna. "It girl" Hanna Marin. Hanna and Lucas, Hanna and Sean. I'm a fan of Hanna and Lucas, but yea. So Hanna, in the first episode, is first shown shoplifting a pair of sunglasses with so-called best friend Mona. She is caught, and her mother Ashley brings Hanna to admit that she shoplifts trying to get attention from her father. Hanna, who used to be on the chubbier side, now thin, is tormented by "A" every time she tries to eat something unhealthy, like M&Ms as seen in the Pilot. She's also having financial troubles. Her mom has stolen money from a customer's bank account, promising to pay it back. After Hanna gets home from the hospital (after being hit by a car, driven by "A") so called best friend Mona Vanderwaal decides to throw a "Welcome Home Hanna Party, With or Without Your Spleen) hahahhh even though Hanna still has her spleen. After the party (which was thrown at Hanna's house) the money Ashley "borrowed" has disappearn from the lasagna box. Hanna, in the next episode, is offered a job by A: $200 for each dance with Lucas. However, Hanna has a boyfriend, and that boyfriend is not Lucas. It's Sean. So Hanna decides to take the job, and when Sean sees, he dumps Hanna. However, Hanna has made the money. Now onto Emily. See, Emily is kindof good girl gone bad. Emily Fields lives next door to Alison, who has now disappeared, her family moved away. Btw, she has a bf, Ben, who eventually becomes all creepy and Emily dumps him. So one day, new girl Maya moves in in the DiLaurentis' old home. Emily is asked by her mother to bring a welcome basket over. Emily is attracted to Maya! And Maya feels the same way, therefore the two begin dating. Ben finds out and explodes. However, when Maya leaves her bag over at Emily's, Emily's mother (who is not liking what's going on) looks through it to find drugs. So Emily returns it to Maya's parents, whos send Maya to juvie, leaving Emily heartbroken. Of course then, there's Spencer Hastings. I'll mainly be talking about Melissa Hastings, Spencer's older sister however. Well, in the first episode, Spencer, who is focusing on moving into the barn, is mad at Melissa, who has brought her fiance Wren with her, is planning on moving in, after Spencer has given up everything because she wanted to move into the barn. Well  Spencer isn't mad at Wren - she's attracted to him! The two share a kiss, Melissa watching, who kicks him out. Eventually, Melissa gets back with her old boyfriend, Ian. In "Moments Later" the 11th episode, it is revealed that Ian and Melissa are married. In "Know Your Frenemies" it is revealed that Melissa and Ian want a big family, and also "A" shows the girls a video, with Ian and Alison, Ian seems to be choking Ali. The girls think Ian is 'A" Then there's Toby and Jenna Cavanaugh. Toby has been in jail after being accused of blinding his stepsister Jenna. However, it was Ali who caused the firework to hit Jenna, thus blinding her. Toby has shown antagonism towards the girls, getting a tattoo that says "Free at Last" with the date that Ali went missing. So on numerous occasions, the girls are led to believe that Toby is "A". And oh yeah, I forgot to explain A. See, A is an unknown character who sends the girls threatening messages. At first, the girls think it's Alison, because the anonymous messages contain secrets only Alison knew (such as Byron and Meredith, or Aria and Ezra) but after Alison's body is found, the girls have no ida who A is. These messages - texts, IMs, emails, videos, notes... you name it - all threaten to expose the secrets of Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily, if they don't do what A tells them to. For example, A threatened to tell Ella about Byron and Meredith if Aria didn't. And Ella ended up receiving a note, and so she found out. A also sent Mrs. Fields pictures of Emily and Maya goofing off when Emily didn't. A is mainly the reason that Pretty Little Liars is so dramatic and interesting. He - or she - is what makes the show good in the first place! Now of course I'm going to explain Alison, and her disappearence. One night at a sleepover, Ali and Spencer got into a misunderstanding, and the next morning, Alison is gone. People have been looking everywhere for her, and she is no where to be found. Her body is found, though. Howeverm what the girls don't know is, SPOILER ALERT, Alison  is alive. The body is actuallty Ali's unknown twin sister, Courtney, who Alison killed the night of the sleepover for "ruining her life" So yes, the real Ali is still alive....

If you really want to know who A is, I guess I should tell you. If you don't want to know, well you've been given fair warning, so A is....2 people actually. Yepp, 2. The first is Hanna's so-called "best friend" Mona. The second is Ali, who, as I mentioned above, is not actually dead. She is very much alive in every way.

So you can comment with questions and opinions about PLL in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed,

no jk hahahhhh.

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