Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm a shopaholic!!!

Okkkk sooo this will probably be a pretty short post (and by short, I mean long, heheh) but there had better not be a snow day on Wednesday!!!! If there is I'm gonna DIE!! I'm supposed to be going shoppingggg (which I haven't been in forever) and it's a half day at my school, therefore I CAN SHOP FOR HOURSSS with 2 of my friends that I'm going w! Hehehhh I made a list of stores I wanna go toooo... and FYI, 2 of the most important ones that I like, have to go to are VS PINK, and of course, Abercrombie. Now of course there are others (Forever 21, delia's, Hollister...) but I especially HAVE to go to Abercrombie! There is a REALLY cute tank/cami thing I have to get... because tank tops are pretty much what I live off of in the summer :)

Adorable. I know!! Ahhhh this one is from A&F and was $38 when I checked online about 2 min ago, but there's practically the exact same thing at Abercrombie Kids for $9.45...what a deal! Of course, there are other things I rly wanna I want some of those nail polishes from that new OPI Katy Perry collection...hahahhh of course the Black Shatter polish! And then there are just random things I wanna buy, like the Icebreakers at CVS, and then the heat protectant for straightening.

Oh, and I would NEVER go shopping without buying some kind of jewelry....soooo I found the cutest ring on the Forever 21 site, and some ah-mazing necklaces!!! I think I'm in love :)

Hahahhh and obviouslyyyy I need a new swimsuit. Ok, I know I bought a new one last year, but I think this one from Forever 21 is definitely worth $17 :)

Super adorable, yepppps....

Hahahhh I'll have to do a haul afterwards on my YT...hahahhhh

Well I suppose there's nothing else to talk about....

ali ♥


  1. I WAS GONNA GET THAT TOP!!! i thought that it'd be really cute for summerrr!!! ditto on the katy perry polish... they're all super cuteee :)
    I'm hoping my mom will take me to the mall wednesday... hopefully she doesss :) who are you going to the mall withhhh?
    well dont txt cuz i cant find my phone :(

  2. Spencerrrrr!!!! Heyyyy!!! Yesss ughhh when I go shopping CVS had better have that Katy Perry OPI looooove it!!!