Thursday, January 27, 2011

Science Fair?!?!?

My question for the science fair: Do frozen yogurt and ice cream melt at different lengths of time? That was actually a hard question to try to answer. Hahahhh yea it was fun and I learned that I like frozen yogurt, but lol it didn't taste that great melted. And the results are all screwy too, b/c of stupid fat content... :( well I did 2 trials, once w Häagen-Dazs, once w Friendly's. The first time ice cream melted faster (and based on my research I kindof expected it to) and the second time (thx to Friendly's fro yo being all nonfatttt) the fro yo melted faster. So now all my results are screwy hahah. I worked on my project all day, tooooo :(

Sry that was a short post, I'll try to post again later tonite w something more interesting. Teehee.

Ali <3

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