Saturday, May 28, 2011

blah blah blah (part 3)

Ok, I don't know what to type. I guess, you could say, I'm procrastinating, becase I'm supposed to be doing my science homework and writing up a lab, and also working on my poetry book, which, when done, will have 8 poems in it, and then like a dedication page, a quote page, a cover (obviously), a Table of Contents, an autobiography... I'm still not sure who to dedicate it to. I have several options - my family, my friends, my teachers, Lady Antebellum, who is, my inspiration. I'm not quite sure who I want to dedicate my poetry book to. Maybe my French teacher, who's retiring this year, or perhaps someone else. The dedication part I feel is the hardest part of the poetry book. Maybe I'll dedicate it to everyone, I gues? We can dedicate it to more than one person.I'm not quite so sure. Dedication has never been so hard, in any author and/or poet's life. Anyway, I'm also texting two of my friends, Annie, and also my friend who I've known since the summer between preschool and kindergarten, almost a decade ago. Maybe I'll dedicate it to her? hahaha this is so hard. But anyway, then there's my Lady Antebellum obsession, which is my new favorite. I got the CD from the library yesterday, all the songs are amazing. I really like "Love This Pain," "Our Kind of Love," "American Honey," and of course, "Need You Now." All the songs are amazing though. Teehee :)

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