Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Returns!

I'm sooo excited for Pretty Little Liars to return! A few trailers have come out for the season 2 premiere, which is June 14th on ABC family! Sooo excited, it looks so suspenseful and mysterious, as always! There are quite a few things I want to see now, based on the few trailers I've seen. One of them called "Sweety" is actually a clip of Hanna and Mona discussing the letter from Caleb that Mona did not give to Hanna. And then, there's Spencer and Toby kissing :) my favorite, SPOBY!!! Love it! And then someone is holding an ultrasound thing, so who else could be pregnant? I don't think it's Melissa though, because she' farther along...? Maybe Hanna, or Spencer? The girl looked like she had dark hair though. Hmmm... this is like really suspenseful now. I really want to see what happens between Aria and Ezra! Remember, Aria had been mad because Ezra had lied about Jackie? I hate Jackie right now, honestly. She's ruining Ezria, my second favorite couple!!! And what about Em and Paige? There was absolutely none of them in the season 1 finale! And, most importantly, IAN! What is going to happen? I think he's still alive, honestly. Or did A take his body? Sooo happy this is coming back. Hopefully there won't be a mid-season finale during this one lol. This is the best TV show ever invented, and hopefully it stays that way. I'm sure it will though! And now I shall insert the trailer...

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