Saturday, May 7, 2011

I've been so busy.

Ok, I have been really busy over this past week, which is why I haven't blogged alot. I've had a ton of big projects, still working on the Curie project for French, as well as a fun biography project for English. Yes, I said fun. The project is on a poet or singer/songwriter. My English teacher is amazing and she let us pick who we wanted to do. I had wanted to do Katy Perry, but someone took that before me, because we picked using this lottery system thing. Anyway, I have a project on P!NK and am sooo excited! I loooove P!nk, she has a very inspiring story and her music is amazing. So excited for this project. I'm gonna play Perfect while I present on Thursday, too! Yeayyyy! Hahaha my English teacher is the best! And then, also, I've been really busy with dance Usually I have just one class each week, but these past few weeks I've had two, because we're getting ready for the recital. And my feet like, kill me, thanks to the blisters caused by my pointe shoes lol. Anyway, I'm gonna go write some more fun posts. And tomorrow I have a great, but somewhat disturbing, true, story to tell you all!

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