Saturday, May 14, 2011

How do you draw a heart?

How do you "correctly" draw a heart? I don't know lol! So the other day in French, we had a substitute teacher and whenever that happens, our French teacher has us do pages in this workbook and we can work with partners. So, the boy who sits in front of me, (who I kind of like ;) asks me to work with him. He's also like my best friend so obviously I said yes. But then my other friend got all mad because she wanted to work with me lol and she had to work with this boy who's a teensy bit strange so after me and my friend finish our work (well, I did most of it while he folds origami bunnies hahaha) my other friend comes over, who is also a friend of his, and makes a heart, like, with her hands, because we both kinda like each other :) So another friend had drawn a heart on my folder and so the friend who had wanted to work with me looks at it and says "What is that?" so I'm like "it's a heart!" So then she's like, "Really? It looks like [Something else]" So then me and my friend that I did the French with start cracking up and I'm like "I didn't even draw this!" so then I draw a heart. So then the girl who wanted to work with me says "That's not a heart!" and she draws her version of a heart (me and my guy friend both agree it looks a lot more like an arrow lol) so then HE starts drawing confusing I know, but it's just one of those things where you had to be there for it to make sense hahaha. But we just drew hearts like the entire class lol... ♥

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