Saturday, May 7, 2011

This day at my school. It's called last yesterday, May 6, 2011.

Ok, so I'd put in the name of the day, but then I'm sure you could just Google it and learn what school I go too. So I won't name the day, but I'll tell you it's really fun. Basically, it's just this day where, once a school year, rather than regular classes, we get to pick fun classes. It's amazing. I'll get into more detail later about the classes I took and picked and liked. But anyway, it's so. much. fun. Now I'm not sure what I wanna be when I'm older too. I could be a massage therapist, scientist, FBI agent, yoga instructor, artist...there are so many possibilities that this day introduced to me. And yes, we do get to pick our own classes. The classes I ended up getting were not what I had hoped for, but anyway, they were a lot of fun! I enjoyed every one of them! So, the classes I took are as follows:
1. Biotech was about test tubes, bottles, and germs. It was alot of fun, we could see real blood under a microscope and learn about strange diseases, see real E.coli and strep throat, use the pee machine. I enjoyed it, even if it is a lil' bit nerdy hahaha. I liked it though, we a lso could try on lab coats and pretty purple gloves. I took this class second period, because we did not have any classes 1st period yesterday.
2. Crime Doesn't Pay was the second class I picked, and I'm so excited I got to go to this one! A real FBI agent, as well as a CSI agent came in! It was so cool. Maybe I should become an FBI agent? They showed us some of the tools they used, and told us some stories. They were actually really funny, and I'm surprised I enjoyed it so much!!!
3. Massage Therapy was next. I loved it, actually, we learned massage techniques and then my friend and I gave each other hand massages with this really yummy-scented lotion. It was amazing and my hands felt so soft and smooth afterward. I. Love. It.
4. Illustration Know-How was another class I took. This amazing artist came in, gave everyone a poem by Shel Silverstein, and then we all had to draw a picture inspired by the poem. I didn't finish mine though...oh well haha. It was fun, my poem was about people on Mars.
5. Yoga 101 was the last and final class, it was good. Honestly, I think my English teacher is a much better yoga instructor though (no offense!) but maybe it was because right next door there was this really loud dodgeball game going on and it wasn't as relaxing for me? Hahaha idk.

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