Sunday, May 29, 2011


Okay, so you probably won't believe this, but I haven't been clothes shopping in over a month. That includes shoes/bags/clothes/etc. Yes, a month! But now, it's Memorial Day weekend and I am finally getting around to going shopping, today or tomorrow, at Target. I love Target though, seriously, their juniors clothes are so cute, as well as Forever 21. I saw a ton of really cute things I wanted at Target. The thing is, I'm trying to save my money for a Tiffany bracelet, which I did a blog post on a long long time ago. But anyway I found these really cute white shorts, as well as this really cute white dress. And not to menton it's after Memorial Da, meaning I can wear white without looking crazed. But yeahhhh Target has a ton of cute, flowy tanks that I absolutely love! I'll have to post pictures sometime...hahaha:) But like most girls, I absolutely LOVE shopping. Which is why I'm so excited. I don't have any casual spring/summer dresses, so I definitely want to get that white one. I actually only have one dress but it's a sweater dress. Where I live, two days ago, it reached over 90 degrees, so definitely, I am NOT wearing a sweater dress. Lol I don't know what else there is to say really, teehee.I guess I should go make a video for like, some kind of music by Lady Antebellum... a lyric video for Love This Pain, maybe? Stars Tonight? Ready to Love Again? Hahaha I'm not sureeee...*sigh* I'll ttyl! With love, A

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