Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Irregular Verb "Aller"

I know my blog is getting to be a French class, but oh well. If you couldn't tell, I am impossibly bored. Whatever. I suppose I'll go over the irregular verb "aller," which means "to go." Yes, "Aller" does look a lot like an -er verb, but yet, it is not, it has a completely different form, and you cannot really chnange it like you would change an -er verb. So here's the form of aller...
Je vais
Tu vas
Il/elle va
Vous allez
Nous allons
Ils/elles vont
You might be like, "Where does the v come from?" Hahaha idk either. But hey, "go" is an irregular verb in English right? the past tense is "went" - now where does that w come from? Idk. Now, remember in French the second verb does not change, so if a was going to say I was going to go to school, I would say, "Je vais aller a l'ecole" but with accents on "a" and the e in "ecole" hahaha but I don't have accents on this computer...*sigh* hope you enjoyed my mini French lessons. And hope it wasn't too confusing.

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