Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cute Fall/Winter Outfit!

So guess what? Well, where I live, it's already snowed twice! And I'm more of a summer clothes person, so I thought that today I would do a post on a transitioning into winter outfit I put together. This one's cute yet casual at the same time...

I have wanted a shirt like this for quite a long time... a cream colored lace shirt with 3/4 sleeves. I finally found one on sale at Abercrombie Kids, and I know it will be the perfect fall/winter shirt! This one's really lacy and pretty! On sale for $29.94
2. I found this super cute scarf, also at Abercrombie Kids just because it was on their website haha, but considering this one is $49.50, I'm sure you could find a similar one. But this was a perfect example of what I was lookinh for and I think it's a really pretty accessory.
heritage scarf
3. Jeans are a fall and winter must. These jeans are also on the more expensive side at $59.50, again from Abercrombie Kids, but are so cute and I couldn't resist. I also love the cuff at the bottom because with this outfit, I don't have boots in mind. The rips add a casual touch.
the a&f skinny destroyed
4. If your belt loops are goping to be showing, a belt is a must. I picked this woven two-tone belt from Forever 21 because it's different, it's cute, and best of all, very inexpensive at only $5.80.
5. Last of all is shoes. When it comes to winter, comfort over cute. Always! I picked these super cozy moccasins from Target...may not be cute, but they're a comfy classic. Online these are $17.99 and in store they're $19.99.
I hope you find this outfit as cute and cozy as I do (:

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