Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Origami Obsession

In February...I think it was actually on Valentine's Day...I did a post on chocolate, candy, boys, and origami. Yes, it was...well I've gotten into this origami obsession thing again... meaning like I'm always watching y=YouTube videos on it and folding it bf got me into this last year.But anyway, it's rather interesting. I get frustrated quite easily when I mess up. Which is often, because I'm currently trying to make the origami rat...which I cannot do. It's so good and of course so hard. I might try the origami magic ball but that one looks hard. I've made quite a few different things, ranging from the Can Love Be Squashed? heart as well as the rose, the rose cube, mini trees, swans, cranes, other things...I used to love this when I was younger then I slowly grew out of it but now I'm like back with my obsession hahahaaa. Last year I was deteremined to make a better rose than my bf...and so then I just became obsessed, lol. I love watching like, RobH0629 and EZOrigami, they're tutorials give very detailed instructions and are therefore really easy to follow. Hahaaa I'm gonna put in Rob's rose video's by far my favorite. Quite difficult at first, but now that I've mastered it, it comes naturally asy to me.

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