Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Costume Idea - Minnie Mouse!

Hey everyone! I know I haven't blogged in SO LONG but so much has been going on lately... I have a project in every single class except algebra. And then I've just been super busy with homework and other things, etc...I'll blog about that in a whole different post. That all needs to be blogged about seperately. . And if you're reading my blog right now I assume you're here because you like the same things I these costumes will all be girly and pretty and I hope you like them(: Anyway, this first one is actually what I'm going to be for Halloween, and that's Minnie Mouse! I got this idea from macbarbie07 and meghanheartsmakeup on YouTube who did tutorials for this. I did change some things to make it my own!

-If you do not have mouse ears, which are available on Target's website, then go check out meghanheartsmakeup's video because she has a really cute hair tutorial as another option aside from mouse ears. I'm sure you could make mouse ears if you wanted, but it might be easier and cuter to just do the hairstyle shown in Meghan's video!
-If you do have mouse ears, then you could curl your hair and make it pretty with soft curls!
-If you don't want to put your hair up and you don't have mouse ears, or if you have short hair, curl it and add a red polka-dot bow.
-If you're interested in purchasing mouse ears, they were previously available on Target's website, but are no longer there...they have sold out rather quickly. You could check a local Halloween store or maybe borrow some from a friend...that's what I'm doing!
-For makeup, you can add as much to this as you want or wear as little of my reccomendations as you want, change it up, etc. This is just what I'm doing!
-For your face, start off with foundation and powder. Minnie is a cartoon, so of course her face is flawless. You may need to use more product than you usually do to get that flawless finish.You don't even need blush or bronzer if you don't want to, but if you do wish to put something on your face, try Clinique's Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher in Pink Blush. It's not very bright and won't look like you're overdoing it.
-For they eyes, I'm going to stay very simple with eyes. Minnie does not wear a ton of eye makeup. So, you could start by taking any eye primer, as you want it to last through the night, if you're say, wearing it to a party or going trick-or-treating. Then, use MAC Naked Lunch or a similar color all over the lid. A good crease color would be Urban Decay's Gunmetal, or another grey, but this step is not necessary if you don't wish it to be. Take very little of this, because like I said, Minnie wearslittle to no eye makeup. The one thing I definitely notice right away about Minnie is her bold lashes. if you don't want to use false lashes, two coats of Maybelline Great Lash Big and one coat of Maybelline's the Falsies Flared, both in Blackish Black, will make your lashes pop, just like Minnie's. Be sure to curl your lashes as well.
-Minnie does not wear lipstick, but if she were going to, I feel like she would be wearing a bright red, with clear gloss over it.

-If you look at pictures online, you will see that Minnie is wearing a red polka-dot dress. However, original Minnie is wearing a red polka-dot skirt, and black top with yellow shoes.
-I had a hard time finding a red polka-dot skirt. My mom's actully going to be making one for me because she sews, but if you don't know someone who would be able to make one for you or if you don't already have one and/or can't find one, then I would reccomend purchasing jst a plain red skirt and using white fabric paint to add polka dots. This one from Forever 21 is relatively inexpensive at $16.90.
-Minnie is wearing a long sleeved black shirt, very basic. If you do not already own one of these, there is a plain black long sleeved shirt available at Forever 21 for just $4.80.
-Personally I will be skipping the gloves, but go ahead and add them if you feel like they would be important to the costume. Same with the tail.
-Minnie wears yellow shoes.I found shoes that match Minnie's very closely, however they are $29.99 at Target. I personally will just be wearing silver ballet flats!
-I don't notice that Minnie wears much jewelry at all! However, I actually have Minnie Mouse earrings from when I went to Disney World a few years ago so I will be wearing those, plus my Minnie Mouse charm bracelet. But you can wear whatever jewlery you'd like.

I hope this helped you and let me know what you're being for Halloween in the comments below!

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